Current  Writing

FEAST is an online publication project that seeks to combine articles on contemporary arts practices with recipes, food histories and literary narratives in an effort to highlight, question and contemplate the varied roles food and its associated practices hold within the everyday. The project is funded by Arts Council England and Leeds Beckett University.

How Fine A Mess

May 2017 - present  Writing

As part of dust collective I develop the editorial focus of the bimonthly publication How Fine A Mess. Mess contains interviews, articles and artworks that explore food production, consumption, sustainability and health. Rooted in Sheffield,the publication draws on the rich landscape of the city’s diverse communities to share ideas around sustainable living and the future of food. With content from academics, artists, makers and doers Mess disseminates research and creative practices to a wide public as well as giving
individuals working on grassroots projects, social enterprises and charity organisations a platform to share their work, knowledge and passion.

Hot Pot

14th September 2017  Writing

Taking Burgess’s recipe for Lancashire hot pot as a framework from which to discuss and interpret the varied activities of preparing, producing and consuming food, Hot Pot brings together new works by Will Carr, Melanie Jackson, Kit Poulson, Niamh Riordan and Marie Toseland as well as a collection of recipes from Manchester chef Mary Ellen McTague, Fairland Collective and Studio Morison. Each contribution to the book presents a unique take on Burgess’s recipe for hot pot and the role of food more generally throughout his extensive oeuvre.

The book launched at The Whitworth Manchester and is available to purchase here

Performance Research: On Libraries

April 2017  Writing

Essay on the work of Heather and Ivan Morison for the April edition of the journal

Amelda, Joseph and John

October 2016  Writing

A reading on the history of peanut butter, enemas and vegan sausages developed for Snafling at The Tetley Leeds. The reading forms the basis of a performance lecture around Dr. John Harvey Kellogg’s development of the Battle Creek Sanatorium Michigan.

Antonia Low, Der verlorene Raum, Kunstmuseum Bonn

2014  Writing

Catalogue essay accompanying Antonia Low’s solo exhibition on receipt of the Bonner Kunstpreis.

Speculative Strategies in Interdisciplinary Arts Practice

November 2014  Writing

Co-editor of the publication, scrutinising the methods, motives, practices and terms associated with interdisciplinary arts. The publication included essays by Brave New Alps (Bianca Elzenbaumer and Fabio Franz), Carol Brown, Mike Pearson, Jane Rendell, Victor Seidler, Becky Shaw and Jane Trowell, launching with a symposium at Birmingham School of Art


February 2014  Writing

Publication project exploring the Roman ritual of the Fas. With contributions from artists Matti Isan Blind, Kit Poulson, Marie Toseland, and choreographer Augusto Corrieri. The publication was designed by An Endless Supply and made with the support of Hospitalfield Arts, Scotland. A reading of the publication was given in the Roman galleries at Warrington Museum.

The mouth as threshold: A small eating

June & July 2013   Writing

A reading developed in response to Gertude Stein’s Tender Buttons exploring sounds in speech and digestion. The text was read at Hospitalfield Arts, Summer Open Weekend and Suppose a Symposium, Chelsea College of Art and Design. The text was printed in the publication accompanying the Suppose a Symposium project.

Feeder Canal Sand Martin Colony, Foreground Projects.

July 2012   Writing

Catalogue essay accompanying Tue Greenfort’s public art commission for the Feeder Canal area of Bristol.

For St. Agnes, Graham Fagen, St. Agnes Park, Bristol.

July 2010  Writing

Catalogue essay accompanying Graham Fagen’s public art commission for St.Agnes Park, Bristol.

Traits of Sidney, Frith Street Gallery, London.

October 2010  Writing

A collaborative publication with the artist Daphne Wright detailing the research threads surrounding her solo show at Frith Street Gallery, London.